Hi. I am Tiffany and I'm from from Oklahoma. I am interested in a variety of things and fandoms.

Like wow I blog everything from SNK to Homestuck to Kittens and even Food. If I like it I reblog it.

So yeah that's really all I have.

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IzumiCon and Homestucks!

Woo! Con time for Oklahoma! 

Also re-announcing the second annual OK Homestuck Cantown project! Run by last year’s Mary Woodward (Terezi cosplayer, and sweetie pie), and myself. Unfortunately the third Musketeer to this event cannot attend, Rachel, but she will be taking the cans to donation after the con! I’ll be collector for her!

Okay, but besides that awesome ordeal, we’re having some meets at this con as well! So then!

Friday- Can Town

8pm at the same place as last year! How convenient is that? At least it should be the same place. This is subject to change when I have more proper information. …Be warned!

Saturday- Photo Shoot

This will be taking place at /my/ classic time which is 3:14PM. We are meeting by the fountain behind the con in that lovely open space. Do not climb over things like the rocks and other scenery, as a rule of thumb. If there are other photos going on before we start, be respectful of them and their shoots.

Sunday- The last day, and sorrowful partings

As dramatic as that is, Sunday’s always a time of sad, sweet farewells. Luckily, I am not due back in town until my party requires me to leave! However, that means I have no idea when I’m taking off, but hopefully around the time of closing ceremonies. 

So around 1PM when we’re done checking out (for those that are checking out of the hotel), we’ll meet on the first floor near the entrance of the dealer’s room, and find somewhere to camp from there.


1. Following IzumiCon rules.

2. Do not harass your fellow Homestucks.

3. If you don’t like a character someone is cosplaying, this does not give you the right to be nasty to someone.

4. Metal buckets, spitting in buckets, honking horns repeatedly and irritatingly, and unwanted touching is not tolerated.


Contact information:

Can-town rummers:

Mary - http://sadisticbutsweet.tumblr.com
Rachel-  (not attending the night, but will be given the cans by moi. Will be putting her tumblr up when I remember.)

My contact information:

Skype: ivan.braginsky

Pesterchum: mechanicalOriginator

Tumblr: marquisesassfang

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